PXE fails with “PXE-T04: Access Violation” and “PXE-E36: Error Received from TFTP Server”


When configure PXE Service Point in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007, booting may fail with the following errors:

PXE-T04: Access Violation
PXE-E36: Error Received from TFTP Server
PXE-M-F Exiting PXE Rom

You also may notice missing entries in the SMSPXE.log


This can occur because of wrong DHCP configuration.


You may need to configure IP helper (BOOTP) settings on the routers OR configure DHCP scope options in case you have Cisco DHCP instead of Microsoft DHCP.

To Configure DHCP Scope on Cisco Routers, add the following to DHCP Scope:

next-server ‘IP Address of PXE Service Point’

filename \boot\x86\wdsnbp.com

Abduljalil Abolzahab

  1. #1 by Teefa Yassen on July 3, 2016 - 9:40 PM

    what if i am using Microsoft dhcp..what configurations need to to be done ??

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