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Hotfix Rollup for Configuration Manager 1910 – KB4537079

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager 1910 hotfix rollup is released now and available in the Updates and Servicing node of the Configuration Manager console.

The update applies to installations of version 1910 from packages that have the following GUIDs:

  • AC004944-98BC-44C2-A129-320285EC683F
  • 6630E282-AA3F-4921-A65D-4CF493C42066
  • 5AF6B247-224C-49AB-BE48-8909B3689D5E
  • B1E6FEC0-5A6E-4B56-8F27-7406F9A79CFB
  • 0BB82139-0DC3-4B18-B219-97FB2EFD9E56
  • E2F7B2F9-4828-4650-9144-5DC7956781B7
  • 4CE24C49-E6B0-4B4F-9AD8-CA31FF269F23

Source and for more information:

Update Rollup for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager current branch, version 1910

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